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Sep 1, 2010 7:00pm PDT
. those four bills include naming a river in virginia, naming a courthouse, renaming a post office, and bringing some federal dollars back to the bay area after the earthquake. it is all well and good for senator boxer to continue to mischaracter rise my record. i would remind her it was she who voted for the wall street bailout. it is she who has taken many contributions from wall street executives and remind her as well that when you lead a business, whether it's a 9- person business or 150,000 people, you sometimes have to make the agonizing choice to lose some jobs to save more. what enrages people in california as they see people making those tough choices absolutely every day -- is federal government employees growing at 14 and a half%. >> i'm sorry, time is up. our next viewer question is for ms. fiorina, it comes from a republican, mr. watson is a retired employee from hewlett- packard and has a question regarding the outsourcing of jobs at hp. let's listen. >> carly, you sent thousands of jobs offshore. you coined the phrase right shoring. also in a keynote speech in 2004
Sep 26, 2010 4:00pm PDT
, not a donation. >> chris: last november with r.g.a. support, republicans won in new jersey and virginia. this fall, ayers is targeting swing states like michigan and wisconsin and florida. hoping to bst the number of g.o.p. governors from the current 24. >> why at age 10 were you a staunch republican? >> chris: ayers has always been in a hurry. back in 1992, he tried to persuade his mother not to vote for bill clinton. >> i've just always believed in individual responsibility. >> chris: at age ten you thought that? >> yeah, i really did. i always worked summer jobs, washing cars or cutting grass. i wanted to buy my own cars, baseball card and bicycles. >> chris: he quit college as a 19-year-old freshman to help elect sonny purdue. it was purdue who brought him to washington. ayers plans to leave the r.g.a. after november. he will be one of the hottest properties for republican presidential candidates. >> have any of the contenders approached you? >> look, we're all focussed on 2010. >> chris: any contenders -- >> we are focussed on 2010. we are going to make a difference. americans are
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2